Quality Creates ValueAt Hightech Mould, quality assurance, control and monitoring procedures as philosophy are built into each aspect Quality Control of our work, which include every step of our plastic mold making process.

 Moldflow analysis avoid potential molding issues  

Each piece of steel after heat treatment will be rechecked the hardness in-house.

After machining, each mould component will be measured by CMM before assembly.

 Inspect overall function & structure of the mold before mold trial,  

Fully inspection on mold trialed samples & submit FAI report to customer.  

 After measuring and qualified samples with the FAI report will be submitted to customer for final approval   

 Hours automatically production without stoppage on the injection machine to test the mold running stability  

The opening sequence of special warning plate will be stuck on the mold.

 Provide Tool Maintenance Checklist to our customers.